TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)-- The shipping giant FedEx says today they will handle more than 19 million packages. That shatters a single day record they set back in 2005 sending 9.5 million packages. 

Inside of fed-ex workers are scanning packages and machines are pushed to the max.

Millions of people ordering on-line for the holidays - creating new business for shipping companies.

Mark Hayes, FedEx says, "FedEx has pioneered the barcode system in shipping and through that barcode we scan it shows that package on and off a facility and can be traced throughout our network."

So how can help ensure your package gets to its final destination.

experts say use two address labels.

Mark Hayes, FedEx says, "It is also a good idea to have the from and to on the inside. In case something happens we would go inside get that information to get it to properly deliver location."

And what should you do if the package you receive has been tampered with or is open.

Mark Hayes, says, "They want to call authorities or call FedEx. And talk to a representative and we can give you a lot more information about the package."

FedEx officials say they will deliver 280 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


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