Tallahassee, Fla. (WTXL) - Tallahassee area State Representative Alan Williams was quick to respond to the verdict in the Jordan Davis murder trial. 

Williams is the sponsor of House Bill 4003, a repeal of the Stand Your Ground law. 

Williams' statement reads: “The tragedy of the Jordan Davis case reflects that here in Florida self defense laws must be changed. My thoughts and prayers remain with Jordan Davis family. As an advocate of repealing Stand Your Ground law in Florida, the impact of Stand Your Ground in Florida is significant given the number of tragedies that have occurred in the state, as in the highly publicized deaths of Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin. These tragedies have renewed the argument that this injustice in our laws makes ordinary citizens feel empowered to shoot first and ask questions later; boosting murder rates and justifiable homicides, and putting individuals that people too often presumed to be a threat in particular peril.

I sponsored Resolution # LJE 13-06 of the National Black Conference of State Legislators which urges states to oppose stand your ground and shoot first laws. It remains my goal to reach out to legislators in other states that have Stand Your Ground laws and encourage them to introduce legislation to repeal Stand Your Ground laws.Today decision is further proof that repealing or reforming these laws is in need of serious legislative review because vigilante justice must not be tolerated. While I respect the jury process, I am deeply disappointed in the verdict. It concerns me that our self defense laws lead jurors to deliberate an unjust application of the law, allowing individuals to commit murder and not found guilty of murder.

Florida was the first to implement the "Stand Your Ground Law" and should be the first state to come forward and acknowledge the imperfections in our self defense laws and change it in our state. We must work to find effective solutions to the challenges these laws pose. Jordan Davis death shows us that lawmakers must remain focused on the goal of preventing these incidents of violence, I call on my colleagues in the Florida House of Representatives and Florida Senate to work during the upcoming legislative session to prevent future tragedies as this from taking place here in Florida, that can have devastating consequences for families, our community and the citizens of the State of Florida.”

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Really? Williams is going to use this as another excuse to try to get rid of stand your ground? Newsflash: This case had nothing to do with stand your ground.


Actually, this case DOES have to do with SYG, as that and self-defense cases in FL go hand in hand due to how the laws are written. The juror were actually instructed to consider SYG in their decision. It's only an extension of the castle doctrine. So, yea....

George Mason

The bottom line is that Williams wants to disarm law abiding people because his narrative is that some people are victims rather than perps when the statistics clearly prove otherwise.


The attempt to tie this case or the Zimmerman case to SYG law is not logical or correct. In both cases, the system worked. Zimmerman was found not guilty, Dunn was found guilty. Both cases the jury system worked. Williams is just one more progressive liberal attempting to take guns away from the "little people"


Not a snowball's chance in hades.

The maddening thing about guys like this is that even though the vast majority tells him "No.", he still won't sit down and shut up.

And, that's aside from the fact that standing one's ground a) had nothing to do with the two cases he's using as an excuse, and b) is a natural, fundamental right not subject to artificial interference by self-righteous "do-gooders". The duty to retreat was a manufactured requirement - it has no place in natural law, whereas the prime right to self-defense does.

George Mason

Stand Your Ground is not a "shoot first law" so from the start Williams is a LIAR. What stand your ground is remove the "duty to retreat" which no law abiding person has a duty to do and which can only expose the law abiding person to the violence he's retreating from or to be dragged into a court by a bunch of mouthy racists who simply can't believe that a law abiding citizen had the audacity to defend himself. The fact that we have an acquittal in the Zimmerman case and a conviction in the Dunn case shows that self defense works. The role of SYG is not to add to self defense, it's to stop mob injustice against those who exercise it.

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